Tiddly Winkers Policies

Tiddlywinkers are registered with the Northern Health and social care trust who are responsible for registering and inspecting our premises against the requirements laid down in the children (Northern Ireland) order 1995. We care for children from the age of 6 weeks old up to school age in the nursery and 4 years to 11years in The Loft afterschools unit.

start each day with a grateful heart…

Our partnership with parents is vital to the success of the Nursery. Parents are always welcome to spend time at the Nursery and to share in their child’s life at Tiddlywinkers. We produce a monthly newsletter, updating parents on Nursery news, and parents are encouraged to discuss any aspect of Nursery life with us, and we will always try to respond positively and constructively to any feedback.

We have a detailed procedure in place to allow parents and carers to raise any concerns or complaints and be confident that all matters raised will be taken seriously.