Tiddly Winkers Rooms

Tiddlywinkers are registered with the Northern Health and social care trust who are responsible for registering and inspecting our premises against the requirements laid down in the children (Northern Ireland) order 1995. We care for children from the age of 6 weeks old up to school age in the nursery and 4 years to 11years in The Loft afterschools unit.

brave and beautiful is what you are…

We at Tiddlywinkers have places available to all sections of the community regardless of religion, gender, age, culture, ethnic background or disability. Parents who wish their child to attend the nursery must complete an application form and places are allocated on a first come first served basis.


 The manager will confirm the child’s place and number of days which they will attend. Settling in period will also be arranged by the manager approximately one month before the child is due to start, depending on each child.

babyroom (6 weeks-1 year)

Prospective parents are invited to view the Babyroom, which is equipped to meet the rapidly changing need of the very young.

The Babyroom is registered for 5 babies at any one time. Nappies and wipes must be brought in for your baby as required.

Babies bottles and food will be supplied by parents on a daily basis unless on cow’s milk or nursery food. Staff ratio: 1:3

little imps (1-2 Years)

The toddler room is opposite the Babyroom and has a happy atmosphere.

Activities are provided for each child to enjoy and also promote self expression and encourage active learning through play.

The toddler room is registered for 9 toddlers at any given time. Staff ratio 1:3

the busy bee’s (2-3 years)

Toys and activities are offered to the pre preschool children in a spacious playroom which will encourage your child’s development.

We provide a mixture of adult-led, adult-initiated and child-initiated play which has many developmental benefits. Staff Ratio 1:4

jacks cabin (3-4 years old)

We can care for up to 16 children in our purpose built pre-school room, which consists of a large open play area, incorporating reading areas, a home corner, craft and drawing areas and space for general play.

We allow our preschool children to make their own choices, this approach to learning is child-centered, we believe this builds their self esteem and helps them develop. Staff Ratio 1:

the loft afterschools (4-11 years old)

We aim to offer a fun and safe environment for children aged 4-11 years. We provide a drop off and pick up service to schools in the surrounding Antrim area.

Staff will provide the opportunity for on-going project work, crafts, sports, board games and a supervised homework session. We provide a nutritional snack each afternoon and all meals during school holidays. Staff Ratio 1:8

.**The age groupings are flexible according to the needs and development of the individual children. Great care is taken to allow a gentle and sensitive transition from one room to another. This transition normally takes place over a period of several weeks.